LOS ANGELES & N.Y.C. Adult Beginning Ballet Workshops & Open Classes For Experienced Dancers

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Start with our “flat ballet shoe” beginners workshops! The first step is ALIGN 1, a 6-class program which will help you master the basics of ballet with our authentic ballet barre technique.All workshops are $108 for 6 classes. You may then move forward with our ALIGN 2 and ALIGN 3 series, which will typically continue at the same time, same place, and with the same instructor as your first workshop. We specialize in working with adult beginners. Our simplified approach has enabled our students to master all the elements of ballet professionals — so that students can start working en pointe in as little as 6 months. Our students love our teaching style, which is specific and personalized. No matter what your skill level, body type, or age, the Align Ballet Method has a place for you.


Our OPEN CLASSES are for adults with prior ballet experience. If you have confidence in both general barre and center work, you may immediately start with our open class schedule. These classes include ALIGN 4 and ALIGN 5, among others. New students may use promo code “tryalign” in the promo box at check-out to receive a complimentary first visit. We believe you’ll love the detailed instruction and supportive community of ALIGN.



Our pointe classes are for those students who have completed the ALIGN 1, 2 and 3 workshops and have spent some time developing in our open classes or had prior training. It typically takes our adult beginners approximately 6 months (studying 2-3 times per week) to have enough strength and technique to go en pointe.


RE-ALIGN is our “barre class,” emphasizing authentic ballet fundamentals and technique. RE-ALIGN will gently strengthen your body with simple (yet detailed) authentic ballet exercises and coaching, combined with upper body and core strength training. No matter your age, body type or skill level, we can help you get in the best condition of your life. This program is designed to improve flexibility, balance, posture, muscle tone, core strength, and cardiovascular condition. Designed by ALIGN creator Michael Cornell, this unique 60-minute class could only come from his personal experience as both a professional ballet dancer and personal trainer. NO PRIOR BALLET EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! Use PROMOCODE “tryalign” to register for a free trial class.

ALIGN creator Michael Cornell discusses the Align Ballet Method process.

Align is the ballet studio I have been looking for for years! I took ballet as a child, and even though I enjoyed it, I had to stop. As an adult, I have done other types of dance, but ballet, the one that I actually had experience in, was hard to find. Either dance studios catered to children and teens, or they seemed too advanced. Reesie R.

Align Ballet is THE ANSWER for those adults who feel they “missed” their opportunity to dance. Alicia K

I took ballet as a child but didn’t really comprehend the nuances. As an adult, I enrolled in some hybrid ballet exercise classes but none of them were what I was looking for. Align, however, is a lovely and charming re-introduction to proper and authentic ballet. A.L.

Great training for beginner adult dancers. Classes are actually taught rather than given. 5 of my friends went to Align 1 & 2 and really learned ballet. It’s exciting to know Align is taking adult dancers seriously and giving them a strong foundation.

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