Ballet Vocabulary – Wikipedia

Relevé -To Rise.
The Dancer raises the heels off the floor, placing the weight on the balls of the feet in a position known as “demi pointe”.
Demi-plié – Half Bend.
The dancer bends from the knee joint, dropping to the lowest point their range of motion allows without lifting the heels from the ground. The heels never come off from the floor during Demi-plié.
Grand Plie – Large Bend.
The grand plie is a deep squat where the heels will lift off the floor – except when performed in second position.
Tendu – To Point
The dancer extends a straight leg along the floor and points the foot. This movement never leaves the floor.
Dégagé -To Disengage
The dancer brushes a pointed foot off the floor no higher than a 4 degree angle.
Fondu – To Melt
The dancer bends both knees, blancing on one foot and pointing the other. Both legs end in a straight position.
Ronds de jambe à terre – Circle of the Leg On the Floor
A semi circular movement of the leg, performed on the floor.
Passe′ – To Pass
A pointed foot is drawn to just below the knee of the standing leg. This is a transition point to another position.
Développé – To Develop
A straight legged extension typically passing through passe′.
Grand Battement – Big Strike
A powerful straight legged kick from the floor to to the dancers maximum range of motion.