Workshops are closed enrollment and limited to those who have registered for all consecutive classes.
Those who have completed the workshop may drop back into individual classes of a workshop, but there are typically only 2-3 former students in each workshop and they are still beginning level students.

The Align 1 workshop enables adult beginners to learn the fundamentals of a classical ballet barre in six one-hour classes.
The Align 2 workshop builds on those fundamentals, allowing students to begin dancing without the barre.
The Align 3 workshop will strengthen your fundamentals and help you master basic traveling/linking movement to fully prepare you for our open classes.

The open classes are open enrollment classes — rather than occurring in sets of 6 classes, like the workshops, the classes are always ongoing. You can sign up for them one at a time, or prepare to take them for months in a row.

Align 4 open classes focus on technical development with simple choreography. This is a great place to start if you have had prior training (as an adult) but have taken a break from training.

Align 5 open classes challenge our students technically and artistically with advanced dynamic combinations. Align 5 would be considered an adult “intermediate” ballet class at most studios.

We offer basic pointe classes to those students with prior adult ballet experience, and/or those who have completed Align levels 1-4. To attend our pointe classes, it generally takes an absolute beginner at least 6 months off training 2-3 times per week. We have beginning pointe workshops for the total novice and open pointe classes for those with experience.

Our barre workout class combines 25 minutes of basic ballet barre work, 20 minutes of upper body strength training with cardio conditioning, followed by 15 minutes of core strengthening. This whole body workout utilizes heavy doses of ALIGN technical mastery while still keeping the movements basic enough that NO PRIOR BALLET TRAINING IS REQUIRED! This whole body workout will whip you into shape in no time.