JUMPS & TURNS – Must be at Align 3 or above
SAT 4/1 – 4/22 @ 1-2:30PM Bjarne SIGN UP

ALIGN 1 – Workshop
WED 3/8 – 4/12 @ 7:30-8:30PM Cleo SIGN UP

ALIGN 2 – Workshop
SUN 2/26 – 4/2 @ 10-11AM Zoe SIGN UP
SAT 3/11 – 4/15 @ 9-10AM Michael SIGN UP

WED 4/19 – 5/24 @ 7:30-8:30PM Cleo SIGN UP








Michael Cornell’s RE-ALIGN is a 60 minute whole body workout. Basic ballet barre work combined with balance, flexibility, and dynamic ballet cardio movement will help condition your body quickly. No prior experience required. This class is easily modified and applied to all levels of age and fitness. There is no other class like it.
Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6:30 PM. SIGN UP
“Use a promo code realign for a complimentary first class visit”

Our open class downtown schedule has become too large to list here.
Our “Open Class” Schedule for those with prior training. Beginners please see our workshop schedule.


Our downtown classes are held at Downtown Dance & Movement, located at 1144 South Hope Street, between 11th and 12th, two blocks east of Staples Center in the beautiful neighborhood of South Park. This new state of the art facility has a 1300 square foot ballet studio with 60 foot bow truss ceilings, two giant sky lights, 5 bose tear drop speakers, and a triple sprung marley ballet floor for optimum safety and performance. This studio enables us to provide you the highest quality of authentic ballet training. Like us, you will be fully inspired by this beautiful space.





746 S. Hope St. $5 after 4 pm Monday – Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday. This structure is open 24/7. It is an easy 4-block walk to the studio in a nice neighborhood. But if you want a FREE ride from the lot, call DOWNTOWN CONCIERGE at (855) 450-7433 FREE or download their free app. See you on the dance floor! Hey, how about leaving your car at home and using the METRO? We are located just a little more than 1 block from the Pico Station Blue Line/Expo Line station. If you’re coming in from another line, just change to the Blue Line at 7th Street Metro Center. There are also parking meters and lots on Hope Street and 12th St. You may be able to find parking there if you are coming for morning or early afternoon classes, but the prices fluctuate. Due to the frequency of events at Staples Center and LA Live in the evenings and weekends, we recommend you use the Joe’s Parking lot.”
DDM is located just a little more than 1 block from the Pico Station (on Flower just south of 12th), serving the Blue Line & Expo Line. If you’re coming in from another line (RED), just change to the Blue Line at 7th Street Metro Center. We recommend the “Next Bus” app for navigation your metro ride. ALIGN creator Michael Cornell regulary uses the metro to arrive at DDM!
See our instructors tab under the ABOUT section of the menu bar above for detailed instructor bio’s and videos.