If you struggle to follow simple vocal instructions from the French ballet vocabulary, then you fall into our beginner/ALIGN 1 -3 workshop category. We typically find attending ballet class as a child from ages 3-14 to be insufficient training to bypass our workshop program. If you have other previous dance training in other styles that is great and you will accelerate quickly but we believe our ballet fundamentals with help you improv in every aspect of your dancing.


If you had detailed pre-professional training as a teen, in college, or intense training as an adult you may begin in ALIGN 4 open classes.

So you had some training but it was a long time ago? ALIGN 1 is for total beginners or those who want to start from ground zero. If you think you have the knowledge to follow along with the basics then start in 2 or 3. FOR ANY REASON UPON REQUEST WE WILL MOVE YOU IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED. We also encourage our instructors to move students as quickly as possible if they see students are not challenged by their current level, so do not worry about getting your first registration perfect. We will figure out where you need to be very quicky. If you would like a phone consultation regarding this issue, please call 323-863-5501 to discuss the matter with a member of our team.


We would like your clothing to fit neatly so we may evaluate your body mechanics during exercises. Not everyone feels comfortable in tights and leotards so we recommend form fitting workout gear as an alternative. Many of our students wear authentic ballet attire. In our classes it is a fairly even split between ballet and workout gear. We don’t care as long as you can dance in it.