New kids beginners workshops starting April 9th. We are proud to host the Olga Tozyiakova School of Ballet. (formerly Kova Ballet) This total beginners workshop provides authentic Vaganova ballet training for girls and boys ages 9 - 13. No prior experience required. Olga also offers classes for advanced teens at our location.

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Ballet, Reinvented.

  • For beginners to advanced
  • A step-by-step process
  • Accessible for all body types
  • Simplified instruction
  • Precise & professional
  • Demanding, yet safe
  • Non-competitive environment
  • Positive, respectful community

Not Just a Workout, But an Experience

Our quality, organic instruction focuses on making each student feel healthy and beautiful. In our stress-free environment, it’s okay to make a mistake. In fact, we encourage it because we believe that’s how you learn.

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First open class visit is complimentary for experienced dancers.

Use promo code TRYALIGN at check-out for a free single-class credit.


Manage Classes And Payments On The Go.

For the best purchasing and scheduling experience, we urge our LA students to download the free Align Ballet Method app. In NYC, students should download the MINDBODY app.

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ALIGN founder Michael Cornell briefly describes our process. We now have 3 beginner workshop levels plus open classes.

ALIGN FOUNDER - Michael Cornell

“I’m constantly shocked at the progress I am able to make coming to ballet class, from my strength to my flexibility to the positions I can hold in class at the barre to the things I can do in center. It’s very exciting to see the progress every time…”

- Laura

“I think through ballet, I gained a lot of acceptance in society. I felt very comfortable showing up to class, and all of my classmates, who were mostly female, were all extremely supportive. They treated me from day one like I was just one of the girls, and it gave me so much confidence to go out into the real world…”

- Jasmine

"All the ALIGN instructors have been very supportive of me..."

- Becky