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Category: Articles

Three Inspiring Ballet Documentaries for Your Night In

If I could be at the Music Center every weekend, I would. There is something irreplaceable about watching  live performance, and I believe the art form cannot fully be done justice on the screen. However, for those nights when you’re still craving artistic inspiration but also craving Thai take out, these are my top three… Read more »

Louis XIV and the Beginning of Ballet

Do you ever wonder where ballet came from? Very often when teaching or taking a ballet class, I have pondered about the origins of this prestigious art form. Last quarter at UCI, I was given the assignment to teach a history lesson in the studio—that is, to combine teaching a technical dance step (something I… Read more »

Orange County Adult Ballet Instructors Tips For Injury Prevention

We asked our Orange County adult ballet instructor Kiara to write weekly posts. Her first article is regarding her recommendations for adult ballet student injury preventions. Kiara has a bachelors degree in dance from UC Santa Barbara and currently at the UC Irvine masters of dance program. She is also a certified yoga insturctor who… Read more »


ALIGN ADULT BALLET CLASSES COME TO ORANGE COUNTY  Do you have secret dreams of dancing ballet, but aren’t sure where to start? I founded the Align Ballet Method in 2012. For the past 6 years, we have been providing high-quality ballet training to adults in the Los Angeles metro area. Our primary focus is working… Read more »