Category: Ballet Tips

Category: Ballet Tips

Ballet Class Mental Concentration

Sign up for a virtual adult ballet class. Experienced students may take their first week for only $19. Our instructor Susan provides a great adult ballet tip for mental concentration and improved performance. We believe this insight will be beneficial. Have you had trouble isolating a body part while performing a ballet class exercise? Did… Read more »

#1 Ballet Stretch Mistake

Our instructor Susan demonstrates the number one mistake dancers make during a forward port de bras. This is a common mistake for dancers working at the ballet barre. You will increase your flexibility by performing this properly. Before you go. Try this – Learn Circular Port de Bras.

Ballet Circular Port De Bras En Demi Pointe

? Our instructor Rissi demonstrates a perfect circular port de bras. This stretch may be performed on flat or demi pointe. Notice how Rissi maintains her hips over her feet at all times.  When performing this movement avoid rocking your pelvis backward and maintain the hips over the feet body alignment.


Our founder Michael discusses the classical ballet exercise Frappé. This commonly used ballet exercise is often a confusing mechanical process for new students. Michael briefly discusses different styles of executing Frappé.

10 Secret Benefits of Adult Ballet Training

Maybe you took dance classes when you were younger; maybe you never have and are thinking about starting as a total beginner. No matter who you are, you don’t have to be a professional ballerina to reap benefits from adult ballet classes! Here’s the scoop: 1. Strength Ballet isn’t just cardio. In fact, regular practice… Read more »