Virtual ALIGN 1

Enroll Description

Our classic ALIGN 1 streaming to your location. As long as you have a enough room to kick your leg front, side, back, and a sturdy waist high object to hold onto you may now try our classic ALIGN 1 workshop from anywhere in the world. In 2012 ALIGN was the first company to offer a multi class adult beginners workshop for those with no prior training. ALIGN began the adult beginning ballet trend. No organization has helped more adults discover the art of ballet than ALIGN. We broadcast with our very experienced instructors from our main Los Angeles location. You will meet once per week with the same instructor, at the same time, on the same day. We will start from the very beginning explaining all the details of body placement, positions, terminology, and safety tips. At the end of the workshop you will have mastered a basic ballet barre, the building block to advancing forward with your ballet training. Our process is incredibly effective as we have trained thousands of adults rapidly. We have regularly taken total beginners to an intermediate level and into pointe shoes in 6 months. Our system works for everyone. Our passionate professionally experienced instructors will have you in beautiful form faster than you can imagine. Our streaming and audio quality are excellent. You will need to download ZOOM and you will be emailed a class link 30 minutes prior to the start of your class. You will receive a confirmation email after your registration. The 6 class workshop is only $90. We look forward to training you.

Experience Level

No Experience Required